How do I find my size?

Follow our guide in the Size Chart. Generally, you will need to know your collar measurement first and then find a shirt that is closest to your chest measurement.

What if I’m in between two sizes?
If you are in between two sizes, note that the smaller size will be more fitted than the larger size. Keep in mind that you may not be able to fasten your top button if you go down a size.  

What if the shirt is too tight on my stomach?
The shirts are designed to create a tailored silhouette going up a size might provide you with a more comfortable fit. If in doubt, drop our team an email at

Will the shirt fit if I am not a V Taper shape?
The shirt can be worn by different V Taper and athletic body shapes. If you find your measurements match our size chart you will certainly have no problems fitting into the shirt.

What should I do if my Collar size is bigger than 18.5 inches?
We are currently expanding the range to cater for men with larger collar sizes. Please keep watch and sign up to our newsletter for updates to our collection.

How do you wash mother of pearl buttons?
We use exceptional high grade mother of pearl buttons which can be washed at 30°C and 40°C degrees in a washing machine. All shirts with mother of pearl buttons can be professionally dry cleaned, but MUST NOT be tumble-dried.

How should I iron the shirt?
Turn your iron to the cotton setting or a moderately high setting. For creases in the shirt, use the steam setting or spray some water over these areas of the shirt.

What should I do if the sleeves are too long? 

The shirts have been designed with an adjustable athletic button cuff. Use the second button on the cuff to narrow and shorten the sleeve.

Contact a member of our style team who can help you find the correct size and fit here.