The white shirt is one of the most versatile and trusted colour for men because of its iconic status. It can be effortlessly dressed up or down and takes some effort to get this wrong. Unfortunately we feel that the white shirt is often worn in a way that is too 'safe' and almost 'boring'.  In this blog we will show you some standout ways you can style our V Taper White shirt.    
We love the way Christopher Korey uses colour here in an extremely sophisticated way. He has completely avoided the use of a white shirt with a black suit. By using a set colour pallet with patterns, he immediately shows he's someone to be taken seriously. These types of looks instantly attract attention and people want to know who you are. These looks require a little more thought and creativity, but send the right messages to the world. 
Still to this day I think the Trench Coat does not get the praise it deserves. It is the unsung hero of a man's wardrobe. On the left you can see a Burberry trench with a white shirt displaying a sharp corporate look. However on the right we see the trench transformed to show off the personality of this dapper gent. In both looks, the white shirt is used as a foundation piece to create the look. 
I grew up watching this legend and also with a father who lived in three piece suits. This is probably why I find them irresistible. There is something so powerful and eye catching about a man in a three piece suit with a brilliant white shirt. These two pictures show some of the ways the three piece suit has quietly evolved over the years. I  personally love the use of fabric and texture in a three piece suit. These two features have the power to transform any look into a sensational eye-catching look. We would suggest you look for these features in your next three piece suit.  
This look on the left is really for the bold and brave. For men who really want to break the rules and make trends instead of following them. David Gandy wears his white shirt with an oversized cardigan tied to the front in a very smart way. This is not something we see a lot of athletic men doing, but it looks extremely understated and confident.  
On the right we see a preppy relaxed look that still manages to be business smart. This is a great way of dressing down your white shirt whilst still making a brilliant statement.
In both looks these men have kept it simple. They have centered their entire look around their white shirt and one colour palette. By doing this, they are able to achieve a clean, classy look that still oozes personality and confidence. 

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