It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to look like the model below in order to be considered a V Taper. Our latest collection has been designed to highlight particular muscle groups on different athletic bodies which you will see below. We've been able to achieve this through a precise cut which carves out your shape and hard earned gains irrespective of your size. 

Model's height 5 foot 11 inches, Weight 102 kg, wears a 17.5" Collar (shirt collar)  

Our shirts are cut for all types of athletic men with a small or extended V Taper. We have specifically cut the arms and shoulders a little larger for athletes who are growing and coupled it with a fitted waist that shapes the entire torso. The transformation post below shows the varying types of V Taper some athletes have and how we have worked around this challenge to create amazing shirts that are incredibly fitted whilst providing comfort and movement.

Model's height 5 foot 9 inches, Weight 90 kg, wears a 16.5" Collar  
Our model below is 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighs 77 kg and wears a 16" inch collar. This is the starting size for our shirts and perfectly demonstrates the  different body types that are catered for in this collection.  
Even with our shirt worn outside of your trousers, you can see how the cut of the shirt highlights and draws attention to the overall physique of our model. We're incredibly passionate about style and seeing our athletes look confident. This collection is the true embodiment of ultimate style for any athlete.  

Model Height: 5 foot 9 inches, Weight: 82 kg and wears a 16.5" inch collar  


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